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About a BORG

BORG is simply,

Non-Carbonated, Naturally Flavored, Vodka Water.

Each BORG contains 6% alcohol by volume (ABV), filtered water, natural flavorings, and is a perfect alternative to all the hard seltzers out there.

No Bubbles? No problem!

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BORG Bodka Water - Grape Flavor
BORG Bodka Water - Peach Apple Flavor
BORG Bodka Water - Raspberry Flavor
BORG Bodka Water - Lemon Lime Flavor
Borg Case Variety Pack 12 PCS


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  • *College Hoodie - NEW COLORS! (UNISEX)
    *College Hoodie - NEW COLORS! (UNISEX)
    *College Hoodie - NEW COLORS! (UNISEX)

    *College Hoodie - NEW COLORS! (UNISEX)

    Regular price $48.00+
  • Borg Men's Classic Pink Tee
    Men's Purple Classic Tee
    *Men's classic tee

    *Men's classic tee

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  • Borg Bucket Hat Black
    Bucket Hat in Black
    *Unisex Bucket Hat

    *Unisex Bucket Hat

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